Google Maps Has Received A Hidden Game, A Revamped Variant Of “Snake”

Regularly, improvements and new features are always coming to Google Maps because Google consistently updates its navigation app. New navigation functionality is typically added with each update, but this time, users received a hidden game from the tech giant to play on Google Maps. We’re talking about a revamped variant of the classic “Snake” game.

The classic game Snake received a makeover from Google, making it suitable to be played within Google Maps. As April Fool’s Day has just passed, the software now allows you to choose a particular part of the world, as part of the celebration, that you can use as an overlay for the game.

As the character users control, a method of public transport will be used instead of a snake. However, this depends on the city of choice. For example, as if one user’s choice is London, a traditional city bus will be the character. In addition to that, passengers will be collected in the game space instead of pieces of food as in the standard version of Snake.

A revamped version of “Snake” came to Google Maps as a hidden game

Furthermore, the character of the user can grow and boost their score thanks to the landmarks for the location the user has selected and will appear. If you want to give this game a try, you can use the world as a whole or only a city such as Tokyo, São Paulo, Sydney, Cairo, San Francisco, and Cairo.

Google said that “Google Maps shows you how to get around on foot, car, train, and bicycle, and now, you can ‘ssslither’ to your destination too. Starting today [April 1st], you can play a twist on the Snake game in different locations across the world – including Cairo, London, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo – right from Google Maps.”

If you want to travel somewhere, but you are not that sure you will like it, this is an excellent way of finding that out.

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