iPhone 11 To Come With Two-Way Charging And Higher Battery Performance

It is hard to offer an exclusive feature in a smartphone market which continues to grow as new players enter the game. The iPhone 11 lineup will have to pack some impressive selling points if it wants to compete with some of its biggest rivals, including Huawei and Samsung.

Six months have passed since the latest generation of iPhones has been unveiled, but many Apple fans are looking forward towards the next version of the favorite gadget. One of the most respected tech analysts claims that Apple may add the popular two-way charging feature to iPhone 11, along with higher battery performance.

The future device would allow owners to charge other devices like the new AirPods or other smartphones. The addition would be a bonus, but it isn’t groundbreaking since it is already available for those who decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10.

Apple would add two-way charging to iPhone 11, along with higher battery performance

It is likely that Apple will also boost the battery capacity of the upcoming advice since no one will use the feature if they don’t have the energy to spare. A larger battery would also boost the overall performance of the device in the long run, a significant selling point since many of the modern smartphones are unable to withstand more than a day of use.

According to a reliable source Apple plans to update the budget iPhone. The iPhone XR is quite powerful in comparison to similar Android devices but the decision to use an LCD, even if Apple touts it as the best LCD in the world, has alienated many potential customers. A quick look on many official forums will prove that the performance of the panel is inferior in comparison to the displays used by the XS and XS Max. The use of an OLED panel will remove this flaw, but it is likely that the price tag will reflect the change.

Apple doesn’t like leaks, and it is likely that we won’t learn more until the company will reveal the iPhone 11 lineup in September 2019.

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