iPhone 11 Concept Seems Impressive, But The Real 2019 iPhone Might Not Look Like That

Apple is usually a trendsetter, and many smartphone manufacturers will push new devices which copy the looks of a new iPhone. When the iPhone X was released, a notch fever started to afflict the entire industry. Many of the Android models released in the following months sported a notch, which in most cases looked precisely like the one designed by Apple. Now, iPhone 11 won’t look amazing, according to rumors, but a new iPhone 11 concept seems impressive.

The fever disappeared in 2018 when many manufacturers shifted their focus on all-screen designs while Apple decided to maintain the notch design. According to reliable sources Apple plains to retain the same looks for the 2019 iPhone, using the same style for three years in a row. It happened before with the iPhone 6, 6s and 7.

A few minor alterations could make an appearance in the form of a frosted glass back and a repositioned camera array. Independent designers toyed with some significant changes that would refresh the range, and the latest one looks incredible in comparison to what was depicted in previous leaks.

iPhone 11 concept seems impressive, but the real 2019 iPhone might not be as wonderful

The renders show a masterful blend of new and old designs ideas. The iPhone 11 concept showcases a device which sports the fan-favorite metal edges which were present on the iPhone 5 and iPhone SE. The maximized screen surface is quite impressive, and the overall looks of the device are quite remarkable. However, nothing is perfect, and there are a few issues which can be easily identified.

One of the issues comes from the popular hole-punch camera, which makes an appearance in the upper middle of the screen. While it does look stylish, it would be better off in one of the corner. The front camera setup is quite small, and Apple wouldn’t have enough space to include the TrueDepth array required for Face ID. The rear camera arrangement looks great, but the apparent omission of the flash would make lots of users unhappy.

The design is appealing, but it is not feasible for mass production. With a few changes, it could be a real hit, but it is unlikely that the Cupertino company will take design hints from YouTube videos.

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