Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019 Has Already Scheduled Surprising Global Events

Pokemon Go fans will be glad to hear that the game has planned numerous real-world events. The Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019 aims to build upon the success of the previous years. Last year, real-world Pokémon Go events managed to gather more than 3 million people. In just one day, the attendance for a single day event reached more than 100,000 persons. This year’s Pokemon Go Summer Tour is expected to gather even more players.

Pokemon Go reached about 460 million downloads, so far

“Last year’s Pokemon Go Summer Tour brought hundreds of thousands of Trainers together at real-world events around the world which left us with some truly unforgettable moments and stories. This summer, we’re looking to continue to build upon that success and create even more ways for Trainers to enjoy and interact with these incredible parks and cities and build lasting friendships throughout their journeys of encountering Pokémon in the ‘real-world,’” explained John Hanke, CEO of Niantic.

Hanke also explained that more than 190 million friend connections were made to date. More than that, the platform can support 100 million people at the same time. Hank concluded that the Pokemon Go game has around 460 million downloads at the moment.

Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019 will come with big surprises

The Summer Tour prepared for this year will come with plenty of surprises. We already know that the Pokemon Go Fest: Chicago will take place from June 13th to June 16th. Also, Pokemon Go Fest: Dortmund, in Germany, will take place from July 4th to July 7th. Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2019 is even supposed to make a stop in Asia, although we do not have too many details at the moment.

This one is the third consecutive year when the tour stops in Chicago, and in 2019 the event will take place for four days instead of two. This year, the event will take place in Grant Park.

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