Clash Royale Update Coming in Mid-April: New Game Modes And More

We’ve seen a lot of action and updates in Clash of Clans, but what about Clash Royale? To be fair, we did get some balance changes on April 1 to some troops, but players also want new content.

Fear not, the Clash Royale team has announced on Twitter that they’ve been up to no good this past week and that they’re preparing an update for mid-April.

We headed over to the team’s Reddit post and discovered some of the new stuff that will be added to the game this month:

  •     A new, streamlined progression system for Ladder (1v1)
  •     New game modes

More to be revealed at a later date…

Among other stuff that will be tweaked or introduced, we will also get a new challenge every 48 hours starting with Tuesday, the team adding that it “will be a great chance to earn rewards ahead of the update.”

Also, when the update goes live, CRL 20 Win profile badges will be received.

The Clash Royale team explained that this update will not come next week, but it’s bound to roll out in Mid-April. While they didn’t want to reveal more details about the content of the update, the fact that there will be more game modes is pretty exciting. The progression system will make players want to give it a chance once again, explained Drew:

We’re hoping that this new update will remove some of that ‘i need time away from ladder’ feeling that a lot of players have!

Clan Wars 2.0 – “Big Plans For This”

As for what we should expect in the future, but not this update, it will be Clan Wars 2.0, according to another comment from Drew, explaining why they’re not adding Clan Wars 2.0 in this update:

Not this update, sorry! we have big plans for this and it didn’t make sense to do at the same time as a big 1v1 experience change.

Although the wait could be significant, knowing that the team wants to make Clan Wars 2.0 perfect and that they “have big plans for this” is great news.

Check back for more Clash Royale updates, which are bound to be announced the next week!

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