Telegram X Beta Is Available To Download With New Features

Telegram is a popular instant messaging app focused on privacy, which also allows for video and voice calls for free. It can be regarded as an alternative to WhatsApp, too, and it sports some features that make it be some users’ first choice when it comes to texting applications on Android. Telegram X, for its part, is an improved version of the Telegram app, with higher speed and experimental functions, along with some slicker animations. Now, Telegram X Beta is available to download with new features.

About Telegram X

While Telegram is already a favorite instant messaging app on Android, and not only, Telegram X comes with improved speed and animations. Also, it boasts some experimental features that the original Telegram app is not yet possessing. Many users appreciate Telegram X and prefer it over the initial application and even over WhatsApp or other messaging applications.

Also, Telegram X is not a Telegram mod. Instead, it is a second variant of the popular instant messaging app, developed by the same company – Telegram LLC.

With Telegram X, users experience all the original functionalities of the Telegram app, plus some new features that make Telegram X slightly better than the default application.

Telegram X Beta brings new features

Besides the regular bug fixes and stability and performance improvements that usually come along with the release of a new version of an Android app, Telegram X Beta also comes with some new features.

According to the official release notes of Telegram X Beta, the following novelties came in:

  • Telegram X is now available in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Norwegian (Bokmål), Persian and Turkish
  • Share posts and media with other apps
  • User Themes: Create, Share and Install themes created by the community
  • Brand new Night Black theme
  • Faster sending of text messages
  • Choose wallpaper while using dark themes
  • Bold fonts have a much better look while using Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and many other languages
  • Other bugfixes and performance improvements

If you’re not part of the Telegram beta testing program, you can download and install Telegram X Beta as an APK file from your favorite APK site.

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