Minecraft Sold 30 Million Copies on PC 10 Years After Its Launch

No matter the platform, Minecraft and its editions sold over 150 million copies. The official tracker has shown that PC sales are over 30 million and still rising. It’s been ten years since the initial release to the public, and Minecraft does not let us down for one second.

In 2014, the console sales of this game exceeded the Mac and PC figures, and one year later, the Pocket Edition and the iOS editions have sold 30 million units.

Minecraft is still one of the most popular games out there

In October 2018, Helen Chiang, who’s the head of Minecraft had told some sources that the game as achieved over 90 million monthly active users, and, across all platforms, it has sold over 150 million units. It sure is not much of a surprise, but if you think about other gaming properties, it’s a fantastic achievement. Truth be told, the PC sales for Minecraft only have exceeded some lifetime sales for other franchises, that come with many sequels and many other installments.

It’s safe to say that Minecraft is the best-selling game that was ever made. We are to take a look at its beginning, it started small, and it’s possible that no game will ever reach these much sales again.

Fortnite Battle Royale is the most popular game released since Minecraft rolled out

Let’s take Fortnite as an example. This game is probably the biggest video game released since Minecraft, but it still has Epic behind it, and it clearly had a big company behind the scenes to work on it. Still, the sales are high for Minecraft, who had nothing at the beginning. We simply cannot deny its popularity.

Last week, the Minecraft update got rid of all the references to the Minecraft’s creator Markus Persson, from the splash screens, probably because of his Twitter.

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