​iTunes To Be Separated Into Three Different Apps in the Next macOS Versions

The news that Apple will break iTunes functionalities into three different parts in next macOS versions: Music, TV, and Podcasts in its next version of macOS​ are welcomed with thrills by the Apple devices users.

The not so good news is that iTunes still won’t completely go away. But there is time and this is a step forward Apple is making towards winning more fans and cutting this not-so-amazing and practical functionality in their devices.

Guilherme Rambo and Steve Troughton-Smith​, Apple’s famous developers have separately confirmed Apple’s plans to divide iTunes into three different apps. The Books app will get a substantial redesign besides the standalone ​Music, TV and Podcast apps.

Apple’s Project Marzipan aims to give the developers the possibility to port iOS apps to macOS by permitting the two platforms to use the same codebase, and the new apps are based on it.

​iTunes To Be Separated Into Three Different Apps in the Next macOS Versions

Apple made it big last year with the News app for macOS and the three previously mentioned apps to be released this year.

The Books app which is already out for macOS will be redesigned utilizing Marzipan Project to match it with the iOS app. The new face of the model will show a sidebar very much alike the News app that will keep a list of the owned books, audiobooks, PDFs, and other collections. The title bar will have labels for Library, Book Store, and Audiobook Store.

Although all this sounds great, people who still use older iOS devices, along with iPods, will have to keep using iTunes to sync music because the iPod Shuffle and Nano were still sold on the market until the year 2017.

Apple will reveal more about its upcoming version of macOS in June, at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

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