Boost Your Digital Security With A New Authentication Method From Google

In recent years, many internet users have started to take more steps in an attempt to improve the security and privacy of their online accounts. Many companies, including Google, strive to improve the security level of their services, but there are always additional vulnerabilities which can be exploited by malicious third-party entities. A simple password isn’t always enough, and hacking methods have evolved to become better as time passes.

Most services which require an online account will offer the option to use two-factor authentication. Some users may see the feature as a waste of time since you will need to take additional steps before you can access your account, but they are an excellent way to enjoy extra security at no additional costs.

Google implements a new authentication method to boost users’ digital security

Google has recently announced that some Android users will have the option to use their device as a security token for two-factor authentication. A dedicated token can be quite expensive to acquire and set up, so the fact that such a feature will be available for free is great. The company already offers several 2FA methods, but some of them can be exploited by someone who knows how to manage potential issues.

Users who wish to use the new feature will have to own an Android smartphone which runs Android 7 or better. A PC or laptop which can run Chrome is also needed to complete the process. After starting Chrome on the PC users will have to connect their smartphone to the browser by using Bluetooth. The new authentication protocol is compatible with a large selection of Google services like Gmail, G Suite and other. It is likely that other sites and services may be added in the future after the authentication service will be certified.

Select users will observe similarities between the new service and the existing Google Prompt authentication option. Unlike Google Prompt the new protocol will require the presence device, a trait which has the potential to be very effective in the case of spoofing attempts.

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