Download YouTube Videos Legally, Without Third-Party YouTube Video Downloaders

YouTube is where we all head over whenever we want to watch a video. However, a stable internet connection is not always available. You might also have a mobile data plan that can’t keep up with all the high-resolution videos that you watch.

Fortunately for you, there is always another option. Many users have discovered that it is a lot simpler to download videos so that they can be watched offline as well. As an Android user, you should be glad to hear that Google itself provides a solution for you.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium was launched back in October 2015 as YouTube Red, and it describes itself as “a paid membership that gives you an enhanced, uninterrupted experience across YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming.”

You can access it as long as you live in New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, or the United States. You might have heard about this service before since YouTube Red used to be Music Key before. For those who do not know, Music Key was a free streaming service that was released in 2014.

Download YouTube videos to watch offline

YouTube Premium can be considered a premium version of YouTube. Users have to pay a fee, and in exchange for that, they receive numerous exclusive features. First of all, there is YouTube Originals access, which means that you will be able to watch exclusive shows from some of the most popular YouTube channels, including movies and series. More than that, YouTube Premium also gets rid of all types of ads.

Finally, YouTube Premium offers you the option to download YouTube videos directly on your mobile device. All the videos you save will remain available for 30 days only, however. This is the perfect feature for long trips when you won’t have a stable internet connection.

Alternatively, you can use third-party YouTube video downloaders, but that’s not recommendable since Google does not accept these services.

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