Minecraft 1.90 Update For PS4 Rolled Out With New Content And Gameplay Changes – Full Release Notes

The new Minecraft 1.90 update for the PS4 version of the popular game just rolled out recently with several changes, including new content, some tweaks for stability and performance, and more. In this article, you’ll have the chance to read the full release notes of the new patch and find out what to expect from it.

The most significant changes in Minecraft 1.90 for PS4 are the introduction of new items and objects into the game, along with some modifications at the gameplay level to boost playability and user experience. Nonetheless, similar to other updates out there, the new Minecraft 1.90 is also coming with some bug fixes and stability and performance improvements.

Minecraft remains one of the most popular games out there, with millions of players around the world. It’s not the most beautiful game at first glance, but it’s definitely addictive, and that’s why many gamers for all over are still playing it.

Full release notes of the new Minecraft 1.90 update for PS4

  • Added Loom, Lectern, Lantern, Crossbow, Shields, Community Cat Skin, Pillagers (Creative Only), Banner stencils, and Wood Blocks (Bark)
  • New Vanilla Textures
  • Introduced Minecraft Classic Texture Pack (Built-in)
  • Six new trophies are available
  • The Ability to produce dyed stained glass and dyed carpets straight from glass pane/white carpet + dye has been added
  • Heal cats by feeding them with fish
  • Chorus Fruit Flowers now break when struck via an Arrow
  • When a Stray kills Creepers, the latter ones drop Records
  • Dead Bush can now be used as a Furnace Fuel
  • Decaying Leaves are now occasionally releasing Sticks
  • Dispensers with Shears in them will shear Sheep when activated
  • Added new Shapeless Recipes for Beetroot Soup and Rabbit Stew
  • Nether and Warm Biomes will dry out wet sponges when placed into them

Minecraft 1.90 launched for PS4. On the other hand, Minecraft is now available on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, besides PlayStation 4. Older consoles also support Minecraft, but the devs stopped releasing updates for those versions.

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