Pokemon Go Players Have The Chance to Catch New Shiny Pokemons, Buneary and Latios

Pokemon Go players will enjoy the opportunity to acquire a new Pokemon as the annual Eggstravaganza event is once again available. From April 16 to April 23 players from all over the world will have the chance to obtain more babies, complete new Field research and hunt a new shiny Pokemons, Buneary and the Legendary Latios.

For the duration of the event, players will hatch Smoochum, Magby, Pichu, and other baby Pokemon monsters by using two kilometers eggs. A double amount of candy will be awarded for each egg that is hatched, boosting the rate at which you can improve your collection. Incubators will also receive a buff, and Lucky Eggs will last twice as long during the same timeframe.

Those who like to explore the world can obtain particular Filed Research tasks which focus on collecting eggs from Poke Stops. Buneary, a famous bunny Pokémon, will spawn more often in wild areas and a shiny version will also be available.

Legendary Latios and Buneary are the new shiny Pokemon that Pokemon Go players can grab

Pokemon Go may have been released almost three years ago, but millions of people continue to play and enjoy the title. Niantic, the developer of the game, will hold three Fests this year, one in the USA, one in Europe and the last in Asia. All of them will take place during the summer. The next community day is May 19, but the details remain elusive.

The popular augmented reality title allows players to take the role of a Pokemon trainer as they explore the world in real-time. Some Pokemon can only be encountered in select areas of the world and players can visit Poké Stops located near landmarks to collect valuable resources. While the game is available for free on Android iOS devices, players have the option to spend real-world money on certain items.

Dedicated trainers will also get the opportunity to obtain the legendary Latios Pokemon by attending a special Raid event. The Pokemon will be featured as a Raid boss until April 22, and those who are lucky will collect a shiny Pokemon version of Latios. Also, a shiny variant of Buneary will be there for the grabs.

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