Viber Update Available to Download with the Dark Mode and Enhanced Group Voice Calls

One of the latest trends in the app industry is the Dark Mode. This mode has already been introduced by all the most popular apps such as YouTube and Facebook for example. There are many benefits to having a Dark Mode but the most important one is the fact that it makes the app’s UI (user interface) look sleek. Viber is one of the apps that loves to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new features and therefore, the latest update for Viber brings the much-anticipated Dark Mode alongside many other software changes.

Viber Gets Dark Mode

The latest update for Viber sports the version number and it has been recently released. This is a high-priority update for all Viber users because it doesn’t just introduce the cool looking Dark Mode, but it also brings a couple of important enhancements to group voice calls. Nonetheless, the Dark Mode is now available in the Settings panel and all Viber users can enable it if they like how it looks.

What’s great about the Dark Mode is that it doesn’t just look cool, but it also lowers the overall amount of battery power that Viber uses on average. To make things even better, the Dark Mode is also perfect for people who work late night shifts and hate it when the brightness of their smartphone is temporarily blinding them.

Enhanced Group Voice Calls

As previously noted, Viber’s latest update also introduces a couple of software tweaks that enhance the performances of group voice calls. The first change that Viber users are going to notice is that the app now supports up to five participants in group voice calls. This is a big change and it makes it easier for Viber users to share information with their friends and family members.

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