Apple Will Launch 5G iPhone Models With Qualcomm Chipset In 2020

A new report came this month about Apple 5G iPhone models that will be launching in 2020. It is revealed that Apple could miss the rumored 2020 deadline launching on its 5G iPhones. It is said that Apple could have some issues with their 5G modems because of its ongoing litigation with Qualcomm. In this case, Qualcomm is the company that will supply Apple with the chipsets for the upcoming 5G smartphones.

We also have good news regarding those reports. Apple can still produce their 5G devices for the 2020 timeline. A new report from Nikkei Asian Review is stating that Apple and Qualcomm had stopped this disagreement and settle to a new partnership. So that means that Apple will launch their 5G iPhones with Qualcomm chipsets and most probably they will arrive in 2020 as they previously reported.

5G iPhone models would come out in 2020 with Qualcomm chipset

However, in this previous report, it was said that Apple could obtain chipsets from Intel or Samsung. Even Huawei was the one to offer their help and sell their tech to Apple. Huawei has been making its own chipsets for a time, they are making it for their own devices, but now they are making this offer. The idea had come from the fact that Apple and Qualcomm are in disagreements, and on Intel, they can’t relay, so maybe that was the motive behind Huawei’s offer.

Moreover, the interesting fact is that Apple did not take Huawei offer, and they are going to produce the 5G iPhones on their own terms, in the partnership with Qualcomm. This fact could have good results, thinking that Apple is waiting one year to launch its 5G iPhone, like they always did when they prepared for some great delivery. See the case of the LTE network where the company had waited for a while until they adopted the tech and resolved the problems.

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