iOS 12 Jailbreak Is Having Problems Defeating Apple’s iOS 12.2

Having an iPhone has a messy part when you want to liberate your device by jailbreaking it. The problem is that Apple has done its best with the new iOS12.2 version that even the iOS Jailbreak 12 can’t go through the latest update. If you want to be free from Apple’s prison, Jailbreak’s developers are warning you to not update to the new iOS 12.2.

Moreover, it looks that from now it will be hard to bypass Apple’s security, even with the recent iOS Jailbreak 12 Unc0ver App. The developer, pwn20wnd is saying that iOS Jailbreak 12 can be the last working version for iPhone user. The problem is what will happen in the long term? We don’t know if Jailbreak will continue to move forward and try to update and improve its application, or if the users will remain stuck in the iOS 12.2. We don’t know if Apple will continue to improve their security or if they finished for now with the last update. On the other hand, time will prove that even the best protection will remain the best, because if at this moment iOS Jailbreak 12 Unc0ver is the best way to unlock some of Apple’s devices, for sure there may come someone that is going to make an application more advanced.

Also, the developer of iOS Jailbreak 12 Unc0ver is saying that they are working for a fix in the case of the users that can’t benefit from the app. He said that at this moment he’s waiting for an update on Cydia Substrate for arm64e from Saurik. The Unc0ver v3.0.0 is still in beta because pwn20wnd wants to implement full-fledged A12-A12X support before it’s releasing it. His message for users is to have patience, and good things will come for those who wait.

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