Huawei Plans to Create a Fully Connected, Intelligent World​

At the company’s annual Global Analyst Summit which was held in Shenzen, China, Ken Hu, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman unveiled the company’s plans to build a connected and intelligent world through steady innovation.

The Deputy Chairman said, among other things that The ICT industry has unrivaled development opportunities before its eyes, giving the example of 5G device evolution, which is reportedly developing at a higher speed than expected, and matching 5G network expansion for the first time in history.

Huawei’s forecast predicts that by the year 2050, more than 2.8 billion people in the world will use 5G. Therefore, the company plans to create simple, powerful and intelligent networks to keep on offering value to its customers. The worldwide adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing the speed of the cloud adoption in businesses, thus Huawei, as part of their more substantial market position, considers cloud competition to be AI competition, in fact, Hu added.

As many more devices and apps become available, the digital user experience is being split up. The Chinese company has already taken actions in providing the intelligent and smooth digital experience they want over all scenarios, to its customers.

Huawei Plans to Create a Fully Connected, Intelligent World​

Ken Hu emphasized the idea that Huawei will continue in their persistence towards innovation. He said that the company would invest for the future, not looking for commercial success but aiming to be the leader of the industry development and to drive social progress by bringing the benefits of a totally connected and intelligent world to more people, homes, and organizations all over the world.

Director of the Board and President of the Institute of Strategic Research of Huawei​, William Xu declared that Huawei is taking steady steps towards the era of “Innovation 2.0”.

Innovation 2.0 is all about technical breakthroughs and invention driven by vision. Huawei will work with universities and research organizations to lead innovation in theories and underlying technologies. To be the leader of the innovation and upgrading in industry, Huawei is dedicated to master the industry in five areas: Redefining the technical and the product architectures, leading the tempo of industry development, setting a new industry direction, and promoting a new industry.

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