Mortal Kombat 11 Essential Pre-Order Details and Longer Support

Mortal Kombat 11 is scheduled to appear in the retail shops on Tuesday, April 23. The game comes for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Read below the five things you should know before you buy the game, that we just put together.

Pre-Order Details

Mortal Kombat 11 had released three versions for the PS4 and Xbox One. By pre-ordering the standard or premium edition, you get access to Shao Kahn, and also allows you to play the beta version. The premium version holds the Kombat Pack as well, and it is likely to contain early access to the DLC characters.

​The Kombat Edition appears with the game, the steel box, a Scorpion mask, and special packaging: retails for $299 and a Gaestop exclusive.

MK11 Will Have Longer Post-Launch Support

NetherRealm’s engagement to support MK11 post-launch for a longer period of time than any other game in the studio’s past was mentioned by Senior Systems Designer Derek Kirtzic, in Game Informer’s Interview.

Having a remarkable eSports presence, this obligation to MK11 is pretty serious. Also, seeing a numerous amount of DLC for the game and mentioning that it would take some time until the next version will appear, there won’t be a problem if MK11 is as complete of an experience as is looks.

There Doesn’t Appear to Be a Hulking-Style Character

The game seems to, however, lack a hulking-style character. ​Marvel Comics artist Nelson Blake II explained saying that what appears to be released with MK11 is a Street Fighter without Zangief or Injustice without Bane. However, developers at NetherRealm are too smart to leave it out.

Easter Eggs in The Krypt

Kirtzic reportedly said in the interview that the game will hold numerous homages to older versions of MK in the Krypt, but unlockable characters will not exist in that form of the game.

Nintendo Switch Version is a Port Out

Mortal Kombat 11 will be released for PS4 and Xbox One as well as for Nintendo Switch. However, concerns about how the later will match with the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Kirtzic mentioned that the Nintendo Switch is a port and it wasn’t managed in the Chicago studies.

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