GTA 6 And Bully 2 Are The Two Games That Rockstar Is Developing Now, According To Recent Leaks

Rockstar fans and admirers, we have found out that the game studio could have a lot of games in development for you. Currently, we are fascinated and hooked by the new Red Dead Redemption 2 released by the company, but we can’t stop wondering what will the next games be about and when they will come out? We know that Rockstar is the kind of company that focuses on one game at a time, but a new employee resume has given us some indications about future projects. Accordingly, besides GTA 6, Rockstar is reportedly developing Bully 2, also.

What Information Do We Have?

The animator, Abhinav Raj Karanwal’s resume, was found by a user from Reddit, and it claims that he’s working on multiple unannounced console games as a senior animator at Rockstar India.

Unfortunately, other information is not available by now, but this detail can give us the idea that the company is working on more games than we think. And this means exciting news for fans, and maybe a short period for the next releases.

The thing we don’t know, of course, it’s what games Rockstar is working on? The animator from Rockstar India hasn’t given us any indication about the next games, their names, or other details. Don’t you worry, we still have some rumors for you!

The Leak Claims That Rockstar Works on GTA 6 and Bully 2

These fascinating rumors that help us “survive” from one game to another, from one announcement to another, says that Rockstar has two games in development. So, the first game that is traveling from one rumor to another is Bully 2. We have heard about it for months, and if it will be like the original Bully, that means Bully 2 will be much smaller compared to other titles launch by the company.

The other game that is in development at Rockstar is GTA 6. And so many rumors have passed on the Internet lately about the game that it’s inevitable. Finally, only Rockstar knows better what plans and projects have in development, maybe they are preparing some sequel to other games, or they work on the largest ones. But until that everybody has to wait and see what the future will bring us.

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