Pokemon Go Players Reportedly Caught Shiny Lapras – Have You Found One Already?

Fans of Pokemon Go, have you found your Shiny Lapras? With the celebration of the new Safari Zone event, Pokemon Go players from Sentosa, Singapore regions are out there catching as many shiny Shucles as possible. This event was celebrated on April 20 and has come with a new addition to the game. The latest addition is available far outside from the designated Safari Zone.

About What Addition We Are Talking?

The addition was discovered by players that shared their screenshots on Reddit. All the screenshots were with Shiny Lapras. On the other hand, we don’t have any kind of confirmation from Niantic, about this release. Usually, the company posts a tweet stating that the game has a new addition. But, even if that hasn’t happened yet, the players are out there looking for their own big purple monster.

Shiny Lapras reportedly reached Pokemon Go

Lapras is a very popular Pokemon in the game. After Pokemon Go’s release, in just one month, Lapras was the most sought creature. Unfortunately, after some time, the hype died because most of the payers own multiple copies. But, the new release could be enough for the Gen 1 fans to come back. They will start once again to hunt the beautiful monster.

However, if you want to go out and find your own Lapras, don’t forget to start by tracking down the Win 5 Gym Battles Task. Using the Win 5 Gym Battles Task, you will have the fastest and reliable method for triggering a Shiny Lapras on your area. Don’t forget to check your local Pokemon Discord channel and start figuring what Stops will help you to get a task for grabs.

Finally, Pokemon GO is available on Andoird and iOS devices, and on the selected regions from Europe, United States, Australia, New Zeeland and many more.

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