Crypto Market Ads Launched a Marketing and Advertising Marketplace Based On Crypto and Blockchain

We all know that a traditional marketplace presents lots of disadvantages among its few advantages. On the other hand, a blockchain-based one tends to solve the issues of a standard market. With that in mind, Crypto Market Ads launched a marketing and advertising marketplace based on crypto and blockchain.

Crypto Market Ads rolled out a crypto marketing and advertising marketplace

Since 2017, crypto marketing and advertising industry have grown by about for times by 2018, and it’s still growing, as we speak. Both ICO and IEO in the before-mentioned industry are enjoying significant growth. Crypto Market Ads wants to take part of that, and just launched an improved crypto- and blockchain-based marketing and advertising marketplace that tackles the issues common to the standard markets.

The crypto universe, thanks to the blockchain networks behind it, paves the road to improved commerce and connections between offer and demand. Crypto Market Ads’ marketplace puts all the players in marketing and advertising sectors in direct contact on one platform where advertisers can straightforwardly find products and services of interest.

“Crypto Market Ads is a democratic and decentralized marketplace for crypto and blockchain advertising,” is how the founding core team describes the project.

Main features and benefits of the Crypto Market Ads marketplace

Crypto Market Ads designed a reliable blockchain-based marketplace which is genuinely based on P2P (peer-to-peer) to allow vendors to offer products and services and have confidence that the market will maximize the availability of the goods worldwide via a network of marketplaces included in one vast marketplace.

The three primary features of Crypto Market Ads are as follows:

  • Promote or offer marketing services.
  • Provide consulting services.
  • Buy/Sell services related to existing or new crypto/blockchain projects.

You can participate in Crypto Market Ads private sale and earn bonuses for newcomers

Crypto Market Ads launched a private sale session on April 20th, 2019, and you’re welcome to participate. There is also a special offer for newcomers. Accordingly, everyone who buys 1 CMA (Crypto Market Ads Coin) will purchase it at a special price, namely, $0.005 (50% discount.0

Also, the first 999 participants who contribute with at least 3 ETH in the private sale session will receive a lifetime 0% fees bonus on the Crypto Market Ads marketplace. Plus, they will receive an honorific Founder Badge. You can alredy visit the Crypto Market Ads marketplace to check it out.

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