Disney Might Purchase A Huge Gaming Company, Nexon

Disney is not just a company that produces animation movies for children. When we say Disney nowadays we talk about a huge business which is slowly taking over a large section of entertainment. Disney appears to be expanding in the gaming world, as well, and plans to buy a gaming company.

Disney would acquire a huge gaming company

According to a report published by The Central Times, Disney plans to purchase Nexon, a Korean PC and mobile gaming company. The company is a giant of gaming, and Disney intends to buy it for $13.2 billion.

A Disney representative already approached chairman Jung-Ju Kim, who owns 98 percent of the company. They discussed to find a deal that works for both of them. This might be precisely what Jung-Ju Kim was waiting for, as reports indicate that the chair has been trying to sell his stake since January.

While Nexon received many other offers, Disney might be the winner in this situation. Sources report that Kim is, in fact, a fan of Disney and appreciates the company, which is something that could sweeten the deal even more.

The Nexon company

Nexon isn’t that well known in Western countries, but it is a crucial gaming company in Japan and South Korea. The company has around 80 titles and 7000 employees, and it was founded back in 1994. One of the most successful projects of Nexon was the MapleStory series. Disney might want to purchase the company in order to reach a new market.

Nexon is well known for mobile gaming, which is a sector that Disney hasn’t explored yet. Nothing is official, however, and Disney and Nexon didn’t discuss their deal with the public. There’s also a chance that Nexon will accept another offer. At the end of the day, we can only wait to see how things will evolve.

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