Red Dead Online Will Receive a Major Update This Spring

Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the most popular games of 2018, and it seems that Rockstar plans to make it even better. The online component of the game, Red Dead Online, is still in beta, but Rockstar is working on a beefy update which should improve the gameplay experience.

The significant update should arrive this spring, but an exact date is not available at this point. A few smaller updates added some cosmetic icons and the chance to collect a new Care Package.

Some hope that the update will arrive in May, but Rockstar was intentionally vague as the studio doesn’t want to deliver a rushed update. At this point a delay is unlikely, but several sources claim that Rockstar is focused on the development of a new title.

Red Dead Online to receive a significant update this spring

The rumor is based on a post which appeared on a popular platform in December 2018. The author was an unnamed member of a video games studio, and he claimed that the upcoming console would be released in 2020 and GTA 6 is one of the launch titles. Even if the source is questionable, a few fans were disappointed.

Their sadness comes from the fact that the next GTA is likely to ship with its dedicated multiplayer mode, which could be more popular than Red Dead Online and GTA Online. The same fear was felt by GTA Online players when Rockstar announced Red Dead Online since they believed that the publisher would focus on adding new features to the other game.

When it comes to content, the Red Dead Online update appears to be quite substantial. Rockstar noted that the update would include new missions where the players will continue to help Jessica LeClerk as she seeks vengeance. New Free Roam missions will also be available, and it is thought that a few characters from the single-player mode will make an appearance. More dynamic events were mentioned, including ambushes, rescues and other objectives.

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