iOS 13 Will Integrate More Third-Party Apps to Siri

iOS 13 is planning to allow developers to integrate third-party applications into Siri. This means that the additional third-party apps will include new use cases. We are talking about features like media playback, voice calls, search, message attachments, event ticketing, flights, airport gate and seat information, train trips, and many more. Guilherme Rambo is saying that other developer features will come to iOS 13.

About What Third-Party Apps Are We Talking?

There will be several significant improvements to iOS. For example, iOS apps are ported to Mac through Apple’s Marzipan platform. By doing this, users will be able to take advantage of the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, the keyboard shortcuts, and multiple windows. The integration of iOS to Mac is the same as the iPad support to an iPhone app.

Moreover, Apple’s ARKit is getting improvements as well. With the help of augmented reality (AR) development framework, a lot of new features will be included. The developers are allowed to create AR experience visually and to go bigger, even a Swift-powered development framework for AR.

iOS 13 Will Be Revealed This Summer

Furthermore, developers will have access to other development frameworks like the Taptic Engine, or document scanning. The most exciting feature will be the ability to bring photos into the app from SD cards, and this could be realized without importing then to Apple’s photo app first. Also, NFC will receive significant improvements and the ability for third-party developers to read ISO7816, FeliCa, or MiFare tags. Some extensions will be improved to certain apps on the Mac, like Dropbox to integrate with Finder.

Finally, Apple will reveal iOS 13, tvOS 13, MacOS 10.15 and WatchOS 6 on June 3 with the WWDC keynote address. After that developers will get immediate access to the first beta, and the public betas will come later to the members of the open program. The final version could be released in September.

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