Minecraft 1.14 Village & Pillage Update Rolls Out With Tons Of New Content and Improvements

Minecraft is the popular sandbox construction game designed by Markus “Notch” Persson, the founder of Mojang AB, and inspired by Notch’s previous games, including Legend of the Chambered and RubyDung, as well as by other installments such as Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress, and others. Minecraft remains one of the most played games ever, summing up millions of players around the world. Today, Minecraft just got better, and bigger, thanks to the Minecraft 1.14 update which brought tons of new content and improvements, including the sought-after Village & Pillage pack.

Minecraft is available on all the possible platforms, including consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. It comes in different editions, mainly designed for each console in part, to some extent, but not limited to that criterium. However, Minecraft is equally popular regardless of platforms, so its devs still owe a moral duty to players.

Accordingly, Mojang is frequently releasing new updates with new features, content, bug fixes, and improvements. The last patch, Minecraft 1.14, just rolled out today, and it brings the many novelties, including the so-called Village & Pillage pack which extends the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft 1.14 – Patch Notes

Minecraft 1.14 launched for both Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The patch brings some new features, additional content, bug fixes, and significant improvements to the game. Among the most noteworthy updates the new Minecraft 1.14 brought, there is the Village & Pillage pack which makes the world of Minecraft much bigger.

It won’t be wrong to state that this Minecraft 1.14 update is one of the most complete ones that Mojang has ever released. Below, you can check the Minecraft 1.14 patch notes, via ShackNews:

  • Campfire
    • A new light source to cozy up your village
    • Works great as a fireplace in a home, with no fire spread to worry about
    • Throw some food on it and become a campfire cooking pro!
  • Sweet Berries
    • A new source of food
    • Sweet Berry Bushes can be found in Taiga biomes
    • Watch out for thorns!
  • Bamboo Jungle
    • Bamboo is now generated in Jungles and more densely in the new Bamboo Jungle biome
  • New Achievements
    • A plethora of Cats – Befriend twenty stray cats (20G)
    • Kill the Beast! – Defeat a Ravager (30G)
    • Buy Low, Sell High – Trade for the best possible price (50G)
    • Disenchanted – Use a Grindstone to get experience from an enchanted item (20G)
    • We’re being attacked – Trigger a Pillager Raid (20G)
    • Sound the Alarm! – Ring the bell with a hostile enemy in the village (20G)
    • I’ve got a bad feeling about this – Kill a Pillager Captain (20G)
  • Roaming Skin Choice
    • When choosing a skin from a skin pack, the selected skin will now be selected automatically on other Bedrock devices using the same account
    • Some skin packs may not be eligible for roaming selection
  • Accessibility Features
    • Text to Speech can now be enabled to read the in-game chat
    • UI Screen Reader can be enabled to say the name of interface controls and their current state
    • Accessibility features can be enabled in Settings

For the full Minecraft 1.14 release notes, you can check the official Bedrock patch notes or the Java Edition release notes.


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