iOS 12 Jailbreak Unc0ver Is Better Than The Original iOS 12: Bug Fixes, New Features, Increased Stability And Performance

Millions of people from all over the world use iOS every day. While the OS developed by Apple is quite popular among the fan base nothing is perfect. Many fans faced some problems when they decided to update their device, and iOS 12 was affected by several issues. However, the iOS 12 jailbreak known as Unc0ver is better than the original iOS 12, according to the devs.

Since the first version of the iOS 12 update released, some users have complained that their devices don’t work as expected. In most cases, users weren’t able to connect to a mobile network even if they were in an area with full signal coverage. Others said that they were able to call and send or receive messages, but they couldn’t access mobile data.

Other issues appeared when Apple released a rushed update which aimed to address some functionality that was included in a lawsuit between the Cupertino company and Qualcomm. Apple aimed to solve these issues by releasing other patches, but some bugs continue to persist.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Solution Known As Unc0ver Fixes Lots of Bugs of The Original iOS 12, and It Adds New Features, As Well

A well-known iOS 12 jailbreak developer has announced that he and his team managed to remove many of the bugs which continue to plague the OS. The developer answered several questions on a popular platform and listed all the problems encountered by users as time passed.

He underlined the fact that the OS continues to suffer from random freezes, sudden reboots, and memory errors. A beta version of the iOS 12 jailbreak called Unc0ver is already available, and power users are already testing the solution. At this point, the solution isn’t stable, and it is advised to wait until a stable version is released at some point in the future.

As expected, Apple continues to oppose all forms of jailbreak. The company was against the practice since the first jailbreak appeared for the original iPhone. The act of installing a jailbreak solution on an Apple product would render the warranty void, which means that if something goes wrong, Apple will not repair or replace your device even if it was purchased recently. However, iOS 12 jailbreak named Unc0ver seems to be better than the original iOS 12, so it’s up to you if you install it or not.

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