What New Features Can Google Pixel 4 Bring Us?

This year has been already full of surprises and notable devices launched until now. As we can see, Samsung and Huawei have made their way through this year with Galaxy S10 and P30 Pro, but we are still wondering what Google’s next 2019 flagship will be? We are guessing that the Google Pixel 4 will be the next one to enter the market, even if the rumors are pointing to the Pixel 3a and its XL version. If we are right with this one, then Google Pixel 4 has some things to show us.

Google Pixel 4 Features

If we look back at the previous model, Pixel 3 has an excellent camera. But analyzing the newest devices launched this year, we can see some issues with versatility. All of Google’s Pixel smartphones have come with an excellent camera and software, but only one sensor. Other companies are adding to their devices three or four different cameras, and examples we could give many. Huawei has a ToF sensor on the P30, Samsung added an ultra-wide version to the Galaxy S10, and Apple has a telephoto in camera. So, more sensors are needed.

Besides this, Google Pixel 3 had and Pixel 3 XL have some problems with the notch. The design isn’t quite modern compared to the actual devices, not even to 2018 flagships. Some rumors say that Google is looking with more attention at Samsung, and in the future, the company will opt for a hole punch notch.

Also, we are accustomed to the previous model of Google Pixel with two sizes on their devices. If the company does the same with Google Pixel 4, we are hoping that the same design option will be found at both scales. If they are ditching the notch for the bigger device, it will be good that the smaller one to be same.

Finally, the company should focus on stable software. Google’s Android is much better than Huawei’s EMUI or Samsung’s One UI, but Pixel 3 XL had some issues with the stability. So we are hoping that if Google Pixel 4 will be the company’s 2019 flagship, they will do some general software tightening.

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