New iPhone 11 Max Leaks Revealed The Future Device’s Design

There are several months left before the next generation of iPhone 11 models will be announced, but the internet is already filled with several leaks which reveal some of the potential features of the upcoming devices. One of the most reliable sources is a well-known analyst which offered credible information in the past. Official announcements confirmed many of the features anticipated by this source, and new predictions were released recently.

The source claims that Apple aims to make the devices more attractive for photography lovers. The iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max version will sport a triple-camera setup while the budget version will receive an update in the form if a dual-lens camera (a significant improvement in comparison to the single-lens camera used by the iPhone XR).

A few design changes are also mentioned, including the use of frosted glass for the back panel and a more significant camera bump. Previous renders showcased a quite massive camera bump, but a renowned leaker has released new sets of renders which show a significantly smaller bump, which is quite similar to the design anticipated by the analyst.

iPhone 11 Max leaks revealed the device’s design

The iPhone 11 Max images offered by the leaker were recovered from the Foxconn servers. Since Foxconn builds the devices, it is likely that they are quite accurate. It is crucial to keep in mind the fact that these are renders, and the final design of the upcoming iPhone generation could be adjusted before the production stage will be reached.

Some users are disappointed by the looks of the camera bump, claiming that Apple has sacrificed the iconic looks of the device on the altar of a superior camera. Many fans are excited by the updated camera setup which the potential to compete with the one offered by the third generation of Google Pixel smartphones.

It is likely that more iPhone 11 leaks will surface in the following months as Apple prepares to unveil the devices in September.

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