Disney Plus Might Be A Threat To Netflix and Apple TV

Disney released its own streaming service last month seemingly overnight. Disney Plus was a surprise for many users, and the service offers a vast content library. It is worth noting that Apple released its own streaming service the same month. The service is called Apple TV, and it is considered a rival for Disney at the moment.

The Apple release event was a big glamorous one, and it features plenty of celebrities. However, the company maintained important details secret. Therefore, users didn’t learn anything about the pricing, content or launch date. Meanwhile, Disney made all these details public right from the start.

Is Disney Plus a threat to Netflix?

Disney’s library contains many movies and TV shows. As many already know, Disney owns Fox, as well as the Star Wars franchise, Marvel and Pixar. More than that, a $2 billion budget was allocated for originals. The price of Disney Plus is 7$ per months which is a reasonable price.

Judging by this, it is safe to say that Disney Plus is a serious competitor. However, it is hard to believe that Netflix will lose its leadership position any time soon. Analyst Rich Greenfield believes that Netflix will transform into a primary service the way cable is. More than that, Netflix already spent $12 billion producing originals, which increased its popularity.

However, this does not mean that consumers won’t subscribe to other streaming services as well. According to a Deloitte study, the average United States consumers subscribe to at least three streaming services. While Disney Plus doesn’t seriously threaten Netflix, it might threat Apple TV might be. The presentation given by Tim Cook revealed that the content of Apple TV isn’t as large as expected. Purchasing content would make Apple pay for the licensing deals which would increase the Apple TV price.

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