MinedBlock To Run Crypto Mining As A Service

Crypto mining is the base of every blockchain on which run cryptocurrencies, even though they’re based on PoW, PoS, PoE, or PoP algorithms. Almost every crypto in the world operates on blockchain networks that start with various existing mining algorithms. In time, the decentralization of some blockchains turns into centralization due to increasing costs of mining. MinedBlock plans to tackle that issue by bringing crypto mining as a service.

About MinedBlock

MinedBlock, founded by Greg Wales (CEO) & Paul Bishop (COO), with Matthew Ruff (CSO), focuses on crypto mining as a service, and the proprietary token, MBTX, is a significant part of the process. For that, MinedBlock is running an MBTX STO (Security Token Offering), and everyone is welcome to participate.

In short, the objective proposed by MinedBlock founders, focused on crypto mining as a service, will tackle the typical challenges offered by cloud mining services. The platform wants to achieve that with STO, transparency and equal participation.

About MinedBlock MBTX and the STO

MinedBlock MBTX is a security token, so MinedBlock runs an STO based on Polymath ST20 fully compliant tokens. Accordingly, they can raise funds to speed up the process, so clients can run large-scale operations without needing to purchase, set up, and maintain an expensive crypto mining equipment.

For that to happen, MinedBlock MBTX security token will sustain a feedback ecosystem and will maintain mining as a service. The MBTX Security Token Offering is currently running with a 5% bonus on purchases. MBTX tokens are priced at $0.15 each.

Mining equipment used by MinedBlock

To keep mining as a service up and running, MinedBlock plans to build a mining facility. Accordingly, they need mining equipment to run their operation. At the moment, MinedBlock is using the following crypto mining systems:

  • Bitmain Antminer S15 and S17 – BTC Mining
  • Custom Built GPU Mining Rigs – ETH & altcoin mining

Learn more about MinedBlock

For more details on the MinedBlock mining as a service project, you can following the next links:

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