SHAREit 4.7.78_ww Is Available To Download With Several Improvements

SHAREit is one of the best sharing apps out there. It works on several platforms, and it provides fast transfer speeds. The app has all sorts of features and developers make sure that new updates are released regularly. Recently a new version became available. Users can now get SHAREit 4.7.78_ww.

What’s new in SHAREit 4.7.78_ww?

The new update comes with a couple of minor improvements. First of all, the playback experience has been optimized. Secondly, the latest update also streamlines the storage cleanup process on the receiver’s end.

You can get the new update from the Play Store. It is also possible to download the APK directly for this version and then install it. If you choose this alternative, you need to make sure that downloads from unknown sources are enabled.

About SHAREit, the fastest files sharing app

The SHAREit app has plenty of functions, and it is one of the most efficient sharing apps out there. More than that, the application allows for cross-platform transfer. SHAREit is known as one of the fastest sharing services in the world, and it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. The speed of SHAREit goes up to 20M/s and files are transferred without losing their quality.

SHAREit can be used for all sorts of types. For instance, it is possible to transfer pictures, music, videos, apps and another kind of files. SHAREit also comes with its own integrated video player which works with almost all formats. The app offers offline watching as well.

More than that, SHAREit can be used for music as well. You can discover new music by taking a look at the trending songs. The app also comes with its own curated playlists and music is available both online and offline. Its music player is easy to use, and it offers a smooth experience.

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