Disney Plus Streaming Service Details Revealed

Disney Plus streaming service was announced. After paying the subscription, Disney plus will offer you all the latest movies and tv shows from Fox and Disney, everything only for a small fee.

Details about the release of this Disney Plus streaming service

By the end of this month, Disney Plus should be released, while the US will only get access to it starting on the 12th of November 2019. The company was very smart when they decided on the release date. The services will be marketed on the launch of Star Wars: Episode IX on 20th of December and Frozen 2 on 22nd of November, big-budget movies. In addition to that, the competition between Netflix and Disney Plus will be apparent. In two years every country in the world will be able to get the services from Disney.

The price of Disney Plus streaming service

Compared to Netflix, Disney Plus is more affordable. According to Disney, you will need to pay $70 per year as an initial subscription and $7 per month while the most popular Netflix plan in the US costs $13. If you decide n subscribing to three or two streaming options from Disney, you will get a discount.

How to stream on Disney Plus

Streaming Disney plus will not be hard as most devices such as laptops, TVs and phones will support it. Not only the basic devices could be used as you could also connect the service using Chromecast and Amazon firestick. However, no official confirmation came that saying with accuracy the devices that will support the Disney streaming, but we could at least try to guess.

According to Disney, HDR and 4K content will also be provided, but if you want video streaming of high quality, you might need to pay more. Furthermore, the number of devices that could run on a single subscription is unknown.

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