Snapchat Beta Rolled Out With Bug Fixes and Improvements

Sharing the moment with family and friends has never been as easy as it is with Snapchat. You can send a Snap in a matter of seconds as the app opens right to the camera. Take a shot or a video, draw on it or add a caption, and it is ready to be sent to whom you want. There are a lot of fun effects you can use such as Lenses, Filtres and Bitmojis. Now, Snapchat is available to download with bug fixes and improvements.

Snapchat features


It is not hard to use Snapchat as to take a photo you need to tap and then for a video you need to press and hold. You can play with the Filters of which you will never get bored because you see new ones added daily. You can even play with your face along with your friends.


Your friends can know all about your day with Group Stories, or you can Chat with them with live messaging. You can make video chat conferences with a maximum of 16 people at the same time while also using lenses and filters. Even some Bitmojis are uniquely made for you and a friend.

Find Friends and Celebrities

You will always know what your friend is doing by watching their stories. Doing this you can also keep up with your favorite people from the media such as celebrities and YouTubers. Your phone can turn into a TV as Snapchat allows you to watch original shows, breaking news, and community stories.

Snap Map

Take a look at the Snap map if you want to see where your friend is, only if they have shared their location with you. You can keep the Ghost Mode activated if you do not want to be found.

What is new in Snapchat

The Beta version of Snapchat comes with improvements and bug fixes that are visible when you update the app.

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