​Spotify Premium APK Download Guide

Spotify Music entered the scene of the global internet and shook other music streaming services such as Sound Cloud, and Google Play music, then it became the most popular and favorite music streaming app available online. Spotify has two versions: one is the free, standard version, which allows you to stream any song but it comes with ads and some restrictions which can be eliminated with the premium version of the app.

The music streaming service offers a multitude of features which makes it worth to purchase the premium version though, over the regular one also because the prices are affordable and the family plans make it greater. All famous and popular artists have their albums and songs on Spotify, and you can listen to them with the Spotify premium APK. Even so, we are talking about a Spotify modded APK which comes with all the premium options free of charge.

Your Android device doesn’t need to have root access for this to carry on. If you have a new smartphone and you don’t want to root it as it’s under warranty, it’s still okay.

​Spotify Premium APK Download Guide

Spotify Premium Music App Features

Read below how the premium service benefits you over the regular subscription.

Unlimited Downloads

You will be able to get unlimited downloads of your favorite songs, a feature not available on the regular version of Spotify.

Ad-Free Experience

The premium version gets rid of the ads, giving you a hands-down incredible experience. Because the app we mentioned above assumes in the modded premium version that you are using the premium subscription, it will eliminate all the ads.

Listen Offline / Listen Anywhere

You can take the downloaded songs anywhere in the world, without having to re-download them every time you travel abroad. The songs are stored offline on your device, a feature unavailable on the standard version.

Unlimited skips

You have unlimited skips on the premium version, which means that you can draft through the playlist without having to listen to a particular song if you don’t want to. This feature is absent on the regular Spotify, where you have a limited number of skips.

High-Quality Audio

The premium version comes with 320kbs bit rate, as where the regular one has a limited kpbs, of only 96. This is a primary benefit that the premium users have over the ones that use the free standard ​variant.

Unlimited Shuffle Play and Repeat

​The version comes with an unlimited number of shuffle and repeats, having no restrictions which might appear in the regular version though.

How to install Spotify Premium APK Mod On Android

  • Download the Spotify Premium APK file
  • Go to file explorer and find the file you downloaded
  • Tap on it and click on the Install button
  • Once the install is done, open the app – this will be the modded Spotify premium app
  • Enter valid details in the spot asking for an account
  • You’re done! As soon as you create an account, all the features that come with Premium version will be available on your device

Because this app is modded, it means that the premium options only available for the users that paid are unlocked here and that’s why you get them for free. This unless Spotify comes with a much powerful security system.

Spotify Music not Available in your Country?

The Spotify Modded APK is available only in several countries. To use Spotify APK regardless, you will have to install a VPN app. Open the VPN app and select a country such as the United States while signing up on Spotify Modded APK and you’re done!

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