The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be even better than expected

If you are a Samsung fan, you must be delighted about the recent subtle leak that has recently got out about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphones. The comment “the 25w high probability is the wrong message” has recently been tweeted by Ice Universe referring to an earlier post in which he said that 25 W fast charging (and a 4500 mAh battery) would be at least in the 4G Pro version of the Note 10.

However, the latest Twitter entry from the renowned tipster regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has caused some controversy between its followers. He made it clear this time that even though he mentioned the 25 W fast charging it does not mean that less than 25 W will be featured by the Note 10 even though his symbol choosing skills were not great, using ≠. Plenty of commentators naturally started sharing their own guesses about the level the fast charging could have, 50 W being the most suggested.

This issue of charging and battery is not all for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 yet. Ice universe stated “battery capacity and charging speed will no longer be Samsung’s weaknesses or even advantages.” With that being said, we can get from that and his picture of the Man of Steel that the Note 10 series will get some super additions. In the actual moment that could mean one of two things.

Super fast 25 W charging technology has been introduced by Samsung in the Galaxy S10 5G, and that could make sense why Ice universe decided to attach a picture of the most famous Kryptonian in the world. However, the introduction of a graphene battery would also be appreciated by a lot of people in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series.

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