Clash of Clans: How to Get the Gladiator Queen Skin

Clash of Clans’ new season brings an enhanced experience for players with its new rewards and challenges. The April update of the game brought some enormous changes, including faster troops, bug fixes, building times, a much more rapid hero regeneration, and other new challenges with incredible rewards.

The season coming on May will bring your rewards if you purchased the silver of gold tier in the previous month, and also offers much more rewards for achieving daily and weekly competitions.

How to Get the Gladiator Queen Skin

To get the Gladiator Queen Skin you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 to take part in the season and if you play sufficiently and terminate all the tasks, the new skin will be unlocked.

The new skin is only accessible for those who acquire the Gold Pass, whose cost is $4.99 in-game. To unlock the Gladiator Queen Skin, you’ll have to get to the final tier and gather 2,600 challenge points.

However, while getting to the finish line, you’ll get so much great stuff for that only $4.99, such as tons of gold, a bigger bank, gold runes, special magic elements you can use in the combat, elixir, dark elixir, training and resource boosts, and so on.

Also, purchasing the Gold Pass unlocks the bank so you can have a place where to store all these goodies.

If you want to progress a lot and acquire the Queen, play through the Gold Pass mode and receive the rewards and unlocks, then gather all the gold or magic potions to get the Gladiator Queen.


The Clash of Clans season is up for an entire month, which gives you 31 days to play and complete the tasks, purchase the Gold Pass and earn the rewards on June the 1st. You will earn then a brand new Grand Warden skin.

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