XCrypt Crypto Exchange Is Taking The IEO Route, And You Can Join Soon

Conventional financial market and the blockchain and cryptocurrency ones have already merged, but there is only one platform to combine them entirely. XCrypt crypto exchange does that, as it is going to revolutionize the traditional world of finance with some blockchain technology-related innovations.

At the moment, XCrypt is in its launch stage, so investors are still able to join the platform. Every person who wants to buy XCrypt token which backs-up the ecosystem of XCrypt can do that until May 24th when the IEO ends. The so-called Initial Exchange Offering, IEO, runs in collaboration with IDAX, and the XCrypt support for crypto, blockchain, fiat currencies trading and securities should be exciting enough for investors to put some money for the platform.

What’s XCrypt?

XCrypt platform is a cryptocurrency exchange that satisfies every requirement of the investor or trader. Because the crypto exchange competition is fierce, we need platforms that stand up and offer unique features. XCrypt does that, and it comes with “legal compliance that goes a few steps further than the majority of existing exchanges and allows for the listing of a large variety of tokens, including securities, security token offerings (STOs) and ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens,” as per an XCrypt press release.

XCrypt is also supporting both digital assets and fiat currencies transactions, and it does that in a fully-legalized ecosystem, based on the current regulations regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain.

To step up in the industry of crypto exchange, XCrypt teamed up with Stratus Cyber, Threely Wallet, Ledger Vault, and Legacy Trust, all of which are companies involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology markets.

“The XCrypt ecosystem will also include a debit card, both physical and virtual, that allows for storing and spending the most popular cryptocurrencies. This service is powered by the project’s deal with WirexApp, a company providing cryptocurrency payment solutions through its Wirex Visa card. XCrypt is also aiming to establish a future partnership with WirexApp to expand the debit card utility,” the press release on XCrypt platform says.

XCrypt IEO will become publicly available on IDAX

At the moment, XCrypt is in its private stage. But, this phase will end on May 24th, so once that has been done, you can join the public sale in the XCrypt Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on IDAX. In the first weeks of the XCrypt IEO on IDAX, all the participants will get a 20% bonus for each purchase they make. Even more, the XCrypt (XTC) tokens can also be achieved with Ethereum (ETH).

More specifically, there will be 200 million XTC tokens available to purchase, and “120 million (60%) are sold during the token sale. The XCT tokens are the lifeblood of the XCrypt ecosystem and have a myriad of utilities on the platform, including membership payments, participation in XCrypt-based ICOs, payment for debit card fees, payment for the fees of both the centralized and decentralized exchange and eligibility for the airdrop ranking system.”

For more details on the XCrypt platform, you can visit its official site, read the whitepaper, or join on Twitter. To buy XCrypt tokens, you can visit the official ICO site.

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