Google Tests Out The Material Theme Redesign For Google Play Store

Lately, Google has been busy expanding its new version of Material Theme to all of their domains. Apps like Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive have recently been through redesigns. The company is still testing out their new Material Theme to more apps.
As the list of redesigned apps continues to expand, the most recent addition being Google Play Store.

The latest Google Play Store update brings to the table version 12.5.53. Activating the Material Theme redesign makes significant changes, including the following:

  • A bottom bar with tabs for Home, Games, Movies, and Books
  • Rounded corners for the search bar
  • Lack of nested tabs and icons for categories
  • Rounded square icons in the homepage
  • Larger Buttons for Installing Apps
  • Circular download indicator around the app icon

Google Tests Out The Material Theme Redesign For Google Play Store

The website 9to5Google found some interesting strings within the app, which have been interpreted as support for installing Android system updates straight from the Play Store. Other rumors say the strings are actually meant to give users the option to install APEX packages.

Android Q currently has six APEX packages and, according to some sources, OEMs will be forced to use Google’s packages. The new Google Play Store user interface has been tweeted by Kieron Quinn, a software developer who was among the lucky ones that had the chance to test out the new version. Here are some screenshots of the new design:

According to Quinn, the version does crash sometimes, but it is quite stable for a prototype. Another issue is that the toolbar keeps disappearing. We are hoping to see the final version of the Google Play Store Material Theme redesign at Google’s I/O event next week.

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