Android Q Beta 2 Now Supported In Magisk Thanks To New Magisk 19.1 Update

You probably already know about Magisk if you know even a bit about flashing zip’s and rooting android devices. Now Android Q Beta 2 is supported by this app thanks to the last version of it, Magisk 19.1. In addition to that, the new Magisk update has also come with new releases for the Magisk Manager.

Android Q Beta 2 Now Supported In Magisk Thanks To New Magisk 19.1 Update

Magisk 19.1 update

Magisk 19.1 now supports recovery and Android Q Beta 2. For better compatibility, it now has a new spin overlay setup process, and all you need to do to boot to recovery in recovery mode is to allow long pressing volume up. Now Magisk uses self-created device nodes for mirrors and a proper system_root mirror. However, it does not allow adding new files/folders in the partition root folder (e.g.,/system or /vendor).

Magisk Manager v7.1.2 changelog

The Magisk Manager v7.1.2 has been enhanced with support for patching Samsung AP firmware, and now the downloading module mechanism is much better.

Magisk 19.1 supports Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with Android Q Beta 2 rooting

Rooting Pixel devices running on Android Q Beta 2 are now supported thanks to the latest Magisk 19.1 update, and that means that if you are a Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL user, you will have the ability to root your devices running Android Q Beta 2.

Unfortunately, it keeps being a significant challenge to root the Pixel 3 and 3XL running on Android Q Beta 2. An additional feature you might enjoy is the one that allows you to long press the volume up button to boot into recovery mode. Now, thanks to the new Magisk 19.1 update, you will not have the ability to add new folders and files in the root folder because this may cause crashes to the system itself.

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