Minecraft AR Game Teased By Microsoft

Microsoft has teased a new Minecraft AR game, and some users will be surprised. A new teaser has been trailed, and it seems that an augmented reality title will be announced in the following weeks.

During the short video, we can see two persons, a male, and a female, who sit on a bench, and their smartphones are placed within them. When the man leaves, he takes the woman’s smartphone by mistake. The woman picks up the device and unlocks the screen. We can see a few sights over-imposed on the camera image, including a pig and some villagers, Microsoft has teased a mixed reality version of the game for the HoloLens.

At first sight, the game looks quite similar to the favorite Niantic games, as it seamlessly mixes the real and digital world. A reliable source has already claimed that the title is currently in development under the codename of Genoa.

Microsoft teased a new Minecraft AR game

Microsoft purchased the popular IP for 2.5 billion. In 2015 the CEO of the company declared that one of the main attractions was the fact that the IP has excellent potential for augmented reality spin-offs.

The date of the announcement is May 17, which is quite essential since it marks the 10th anniversary of the title. A special event has been scheduled for the same date, and Microsoft has decided to exclude Notch, the creator of the game, from the activity due to a series of controversial statements and tweets.

This isn’t the only upcoming Minecraft game as Mojang has also announced Minecraft Dungeons, a dungeon-crawling game inspired by classic PC titles. Unlike the main title, this game is more focused on action, with the accent placed on co-operative exploration. A release date is not available at this point. Minecraft has remained the most popular game in the world, and the title is available across several platforms. It is estimated that more than 91 million players enjoy the title each month.

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