NODIS Kicks Off “Challenge Program” for Social Network Influencers

The popularity of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram have helped millions of people become “online models” with Kim Kardashian being the perfect example of that. Agencies and brands from all over the world are paying online models in order to post pictures of their products which in return helps the brand get a better online presence and attract more customers. This is where the new gamified platform for online marketing and influencers called NODIS comes in and makes this even easier.

Introducing: The NODIS Platform

NODIS is a new platform that plans to make it easier for social network influencers to get deals with agencies and brands. Not just that, but NODIS is also rewarding active members with NODIS tokens which can only be purchased by GAS tokens from the NEO blockchain. The NOIDS tokens are great because they can be redeemed in exchange for vouchers of products or services.

The NODIS Challenge

Since the folks who are in charge of NODIS are focusing on social network, then it should come as no surprise that NODIS has started a new Challenge Program. This program asks participants to take selfies of themselves in front of a local store for example and then post them on social networks. Participants will then receive votes and reviews and the ones who come out on top will be rewarded with more NODIS tokens.

Limited Supply

There is a limited supply of NODIS tokens. The total number is 100 million tokens and 20 million of them will be available for purchase in the first sale which is going to kick off in June. In addition, NODIS investors can purchase only 20% of the total number of tokens because the rest of them are reserved to supply the users and other members of the NODIS platform.

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