YouTube Originals To Soon Become Free For non-YouTube Premium Users

If you are a non-YouTube Premium user, do not worry because YouTube will offer you access to the so-called YooTube Originals version of its Cobra Kai series for free, but with ads. YouTube continues to focus more on unscripted content and shifts away from scripted YouTube Originals, their priority being learning and personality-driven content.

As Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu are preparing for the launch of Dinsey+ which will take place in November, the crowd in the original content market gets bigger and more expensive these days. With that being said, YouTube does not want to deal with any additional problems of managing user-uploaded content, purchased content, and trying to get YouTube Music into shape.

As Bloomberg hinted at YouTube Originals going free with ads, this news does not come as a surprise in the wake of YouTube canceling much of its original content back in March. A confirmation has been given by YouTube that its annual Brandcast event will take place and that Originals content will no longer require a fee, but it will include ads if free users want to access it.

YouTube Originals to become free, but with ads

With that being said, you should not misunderstand this. YouTube Originals are not entirely dead and will not be because, for example, the renewal of Cobra Kai for a third season has been announced by YouTube at Brandcast.

In addition to that, as mentioned before, YouTube decided to shift its focus into personality-driven and topic-driven unscripted content for things like science, beauty, cooking, music, and art, YouTube continuing even more on the musical side of the business. They would instead become a competitor for Spotify with YouTube Music than have a YouTube Premium Add-on.

The good news is that if you were suffering from not being able to access YouTube Originals because of that few, wipe your tears because you will be able to see all that content for free.

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