Google Maps Will Receive An Incognito Mode

Many Chrome users are already familiar with the Incognito Mode offered by the Chrome browser. The feature allows you to navigate on the internet without saving a history, cache or other elements that can be tracked. In recent years, Google worked hard to improve the privacy and security features of the Android OS. The YouTube app received an update which allows users to use the Incognito Mode in 2018 and the functionality will be expanded to another app.

During the keynote held at the I/O conference which started on May 7th, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO announced that a Google Maps update would add the Incognito Mode. The feature will be accessible from a new Google Account menu, which allows users to turn on and off in a few seconds.

Google Maps update to bring Incognito Mode

If you opt to use it the places which are searched and visited with the help of the app will not be linked to your Google Account. A status icon similar to the one used by the Chrome version of the mode will be visible in the right side of the search bar.

This isn’t the only privacy change that will arrive in the future. Google strived to increase the security and privacy features of Android Q, and it is already known. More privacy will be granted by hiding hardware ID, blocking apps which start in the background and a tighter leash on storage access.

It was also mentioned that Google would change how apps use location. Users will have the option to restrict location access on a per-app basis, and users can pick between three different choices: full access, access is allowed only while the app in use or no access at all. When app access your location data a visible icon will appear in the upper area of the display, allowing users to know that the app tracks them.
A release date wasn’t mentioned, but it is likely that it will surface in the following months.

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