The Last Of Us 2 Might Launch Soon, According To Some Recent Rumors

The first The Last Of Us video game was first announced by Sony back in December 2011 and it was released on PlayStation 3 worldwide in mid-2013. It took a year before the game got released to PS4. Now, according to some rumors, The Last Of Us 2 might launch soon.

The action-adventure survival video game soon became one of the most acclaimed games of its genre. The plot evolves in a post-apocalyptic scenario, focusing on two main characters, Joel and teenager Ellie, trying to stay alive while being constantly threatened by zombies. The Last Of Us was praised for being the most emotional and perhaps the best game of the past years.

In the past few years, Sony has been teasing the release of The Last Of Us 2. The game was first announced at 2016’s PlayStation Experience event. At last year’s E3 press conference, Sony surprised fans all over the world with a brand new trailer for The Last Of Us 2. The video is an 11-minute long presentation, including a lot of action and character interactions, taking place five years after the original game’s events. Ever since the release of this trailer, Sony has not disclosed any more information of the sequel for The Last Of Us, not until now anyway.

Recent Rumors Suggest That The Last One Us 2 Might Launch Soon

Fans have been speculating that this year’s E3 will bring us news on the game but, unfortunately, Sony will not be participating at 2019’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. However, according to Akoji, a known Sony insider, there is a high probability that we are going to get details on the video game even sooner than we thought.

It seems that Naughty Dog, the game-developing studio owned by Sony, will make an official announcement soon. It is not known yet if this means we are going to get a release date or a new trailer, but we sure are excited. The Last Of Us 2 announcement is expected to drop towards the end of this month.

Of course, this information is not official, as it is only a leak. There have also been many rumors regarding the official release date of the video game, but Sony hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Still, fans are hoping to hear new details about The Last Of Us 2 as soon as possible.

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