Minecraft Classic Is Available For Free As An In-browser Game

Ten years have passed since the first version of Minecraft was released. To mark the anniversary moment Mojang has decided to resurrect this version of the game which is now available as Minecraft Classic.

This built of the game was released in May 2009, and it includes 32 blocks. Nostalgic users can take have a chance to visit the past, and curious people can try the title for the first time as Minecraft Classic is available for free.

Keep in mind the fact that this is an alpha version of the game, and many of the features which are now common in the game weren’t available at that point — many of the 32 blocks are colored wool. The controls are also a bit strange, and the procedural generation was quite different when this build of the game was released.

Minecraft Classic is now available as an in-browser game, for free

Despite its age, Minecraft had remained the most popular age in the world, with more than 91 million active players each month. The original sandbox game caught the attention of players since it was first released, by offering a high level of player agency and the freedom to create anything you want with by using colorful blocks.

Minecraft is available across a large selection of platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PS4, Android and iOS. Microsoft has teased a spin-off augmented reality title that could be released this month. A video shared on a popular social media platform showcases a game which uses mechanics similar to the ones employed by Pokémon Go and other AR titles.

This is not the only spin-off title which is currently in development. Mojang is also working on Minecraft: Dungeons, an action-adventure title inspired by classics dungeon crawlers. The game will allow players to explore dungeons in an attempt to find treasures and defeat a dangerous villain. Up to five players can work together to conquer the dungeons. Minecraft Classic is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

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