Netflix Vs. Disney Plus – Would Disney Plus Dethrone Netflix

Netflix is without a doubt the most iconic streaming service, but a new competitor aims to take a piece of the pie. Some will say you could subscribe to both, but the decision could be quite expensive in the long run. We know that Disney Plus will be released in November 2019, but there is enough information available to make a succinct comparison between the two services. Read below to learn more.

Netflix vs. Disney Plus – Which one seems better?

The content selection

This is the prime criteria for many users since many want to watch their favorite shows. Netflix offers a rich selection of movies, TV series, and TV shows. Disney Plus will start with a selection of more than 400 hundred movies and 7,000 TV episodes. A large focus is placed on exclusive content, and Disney will offer the entire Star Wars saga in the less than a year. They will be joined by the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and various content produced by Fox, including the Simpsons.

Exclusive series, among each we can count WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier and other unnamed series appear to be quite interesting. Netflix is also keen on exclusive titles, and it already has titles like Black Mirror and Stranger Things.

The price tag

Netflix may have a bigger vault of content, but the price is considerably steeper. Disney Plus comes with a $7 (or $70 per year), but it is likely that the price will increase. It is known that users will be able to create distinct profiles and a 4K UHD streaming option for no additional cost.

The Basic Netflix plan costs, but it includes a single SD stream. Standard offers two simultaneous streams and HD resolution for $13. The third and last tier is premium, packing four simultaneous streams and UHD resolution in exchange for $16.

Compatible devices

Netflix works across a variety of devices. It is likely that Disney will try to do the same but until the service is released compatible platforms remain shrouded in mystery.


Disney Plus is shaping up to be a serious contender for Netflix, but it remains to be seen if it will manage to reach the same levels of popularity.

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