Pokemon Go: New Eevee Evolutions, Leafeon and Glaceon, Might Come To The Game

In recent months, Pokemon Go players received a steady of Gen 4 Pokemon, but two of them failed to make an appearance. We are talking about Leafeon and Glaceon, the Grass-type and Ice-type evolutions of Eevee. Fans who were looking forward to these particular evolutions will be happy to learn that they may be added in a future update, according to a leak released by a reliable source.

Chrales is a popular dataminer known for leaking new Pokemon Go features before they were announced. The dataminer discovered text which will be used for three types of Lure Modules. The Glacial Lure module will attract cold-loving Pokemon; the Mossy Lure will get the attention of those which appreciate mossy smells and the Magnetic Lure will be irresistible for magnetic Pokemon.

It seems that each of these New Lure modules can trigger an evolution in the case of specific Pokemon, and this mechanism could allow Pokemon Go Trainers to obtain Glaceon and Leafeon among other Pokemon.

Pokemon Go might soon get new Eevee evolutions – Leafeon and Glaceon

Players of the mainline Pokemon games know that you can evolve these into one of these Pokemon if you use an Ice or Moss Rock. A similar rule is available for Pokémon like Magneton and Probopass. Players who wish to unlock their final forms, Magnezone and Probopass, will have to use a magnetic field. The Lure Modules aim to emulate these conditions for Pokemon Go.

Niantic didn’t announce the new feature, such fine details like an exact release day and how they can be acquired remain shrouded in mystery.

While waiting for them, Pokemon Go players have the chance to capture a new Gen 4 Legendary Pokemon by joining a Raid Battles. The iconic Lake guardians trio, composed of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie will appear in Gyms until May 27th. Keep in mind that each one is locked to a specific region. A limited Detective Pikachu event is available until May 17th.

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