The Last Of Us 2: Joel Might Become A Playable Character, A New Video Suggests

The Last Of Us 2 has been worked on and will soon be ready to launch, the Naughty Dog developing the upcoming series even though the grand finale of the first game was pretty decisive. However, fans of the game are not upset with the new next edition, but the contrary. Now, a video suggests that Joel will become a playable character in The Last Of Us 2

According to Gustavo Santaolalla, the game’s creator, the upcoming series will be launched sometime in 2019, but the game studio hasn’t released any confirmation yet. Besides the release date, another essential question players have regarding The Last Of Us 2 is whether Joel can be played or not.

The Last Of Us part 2 is the PlayStation 4’s most expected elite title, and there are, indeed, a multitude of motives to wish the game will be released in 2019. Director Neil Druckmann said in a recent statement that Laura Bailey’s act aided in exciting life to one of his preferred characters. Also, an intimate scene with Ellie and Joel, portrayed by Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker was just recently recorded.

Joel might be a playable character in The Last Of Us 2

A video which suggests that Joel will be playable has made the rounds of the internet, and it completes the limitless range of hypotheses​ regarding Naughty Dog’s much-awaited continuation of series. However, The Last Of Us 2 was unveiled at the PlayStation Experience annual event in 2016, and the studio’s director, Neil Druckmann repeated in 2018 the fact that Ellie is the only playable character in the new game series.

Sony had also unveiled an impressive demo of The Last Of Us 2 at the E3 back in 2018, and it seemed to be with a considerable measure more stunning than its first edition. Even if the game is until now only going to offer Ellie as the playable character, fans are still waiting for news regarding Joel’s position in the game.

A video released by Naughty Dog in March on International Women’s Day seems to disclose the fact that Joel will indeed be playable but only for a short period, according to YouTuber Tajae. The uploaded clip also revealed the series’ weapon upgrades UI. However, because the video isn’t clear enough, the idea of Joel having a part in the game should not be taken as evidence until officially confirmed.

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