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Best 5 Apps that Will Help to Improve Your Learning


According to research, the greatest challenges that students have to overcome in order to succeed in their academic endeavors are represented in an inability to organize time, procrastination, and ineffective note-taking. Learning is a complex process, it includes multiple aspects of our psycho-somatic activity, including visualization, information processing, filtering, memorizing, and while the lectures all the same for all of us, it’s not possible to expect that everyone has the same learning abilities. Therefore, we have decided to introduce five apps that will allow you to jump any obstacle that gets on your way to knowledge.


Think of this app as if it were a digital classroom, with more than a thousand different courses you can take. The spectrum of disciplines you can enjoy in spreads to anything from music to literature, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, sociology, and a series of other pools of knowledge, just waiting for you to soak in the wisdom. What’s important to understand is that Coursera uses gamification, which is an app design technique that allows the user a more relaxed learning environment. As you enjoy a quiz-like experience, your brain is processing information.


Amazon’s digital bookstore allows you to find all sorts of useful information, that you can use in order to accomplish your educational tasks. There are volumes of various tutorials, textbooks, and textual content that can mean the world of difference when you need essay help in the middle of the night and there’s no open library in sight.

Unlike books, Kindle sacrifices pixels instead of trees; therefore, it’s also an environmentally friendly solution for research material on many topics. All you have to do is create your account, buy a book that you require and download it on your device.


Learning a foreign language is more than just your academic requirement, it also puts a useful skill in your developing skillset that you can use to make a living one day. However, languages are closely related to our hearing, vocal abilities, and linguistic heritage, as some nations speak languages that provide the native speaker to adopt foreign words easier and pronounce words better.

Duolingo is an app that provides you with numerous courses with scaling levels of difficulty, design in such a way that makes the learning experience seamless. According to a study performed back in 2012, spending 34 hours learning with Duolingo equals a semester in school.


Math is all about practice; you take an equation, solve it, then change the variables and solve it again. This sounds simple, but to many of us, the math simply makes less sense than it does to other people. Photomath is an app that utilizes your camera to capture the handwritten of a printed math assignment and solve it for you. However, the key is that you get a step by step procedure, explaining how the app reached the final result. It’s a great way to understand how and why you go through certain steps when solving an equation.


According to research, the inability to stay focused and poor time management skills are the main reason why students miss out on delivering their work before the deadline, forget their appointments, or miss classes. Nevertheless, Google has equipped us with a useful free app that we can download for free and use for the same “price”. This small but powerful piece of software allows you to enter your obligations, create learning and class schedule, memorize important dates, and the app will sync the information with all your devices connected to the Google account you use. The app will also silent your ringtone during classes, and send notifications to remind you of deadlines, homework, and other commitments you inserted over time.


The technology is already present in classrooms all across the globe, and in all other aspects of our lives. There is no need to run away from software that can make our lives easier and help us learn more, faster, and better. We hope these apps will become a valuable asset in your intellectual development and help you achieve great things one day. Who knows, perhaps a lesson with Duolingo helps you find the love of your life in some exotic country.

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Emma Rundle is a highly experienced and talented freelance content writer. Her writing mostly includes such stories that help students with their scholar activities, learning issues, and technological advancements in the field of education. Emma’s work reflects her own vision of the world, and she tries to deliver a clear picture of that vision to her vast audience.

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