WhatsApp Plus APK 2019, Version 7.00 Available to Download with a Sticker Maker

If you are one of the users that are chatting on the regular WhatsApp app, but you are getting bored with it, and you want something new, we have a solution for you. WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the WhatsApp that you already know and use, but with a plus. This modified app can’t go missing from any device, even if you use Android or iPhone. For a new app with a lot of new features and changes, WhatsApp Plus APK, version 7.00 is offering you this. And starting from now you will have a sticker maker.

WhatsApp Plus APK

By using WhatsApp APK, you will enjoy a lot of features that you don’t see on the regular version. You will have Privacy measures, and options that can hide Blue Ticks can hide Online Status; the themes provided by the app can be added, used, or store directly; and a useful feature if you are talking with friends from other countries, automatically translate for text in your preferred language. The application is receiving many updates all the time, and now, version 7.00 has new improvements as well.

WhatsApp Plus APK Version 7.00

Version 7.00 has been updated the database to 2.19.17, and the following changes are made:

  • You will see a difference in the Settings Panel because it was redesign with a new UI;
  • New Launcher icons have been added;
  • New Notification icons have been added;
  • The group feature has a new option for audio and video calling;
  • Now you can replay privately in groups;
  • New languages for translations are updated: Deutschland, Spanish, Italy, Portuguese, Hindi, Indonesian, Turkish, Russian;
  • The bug that made the app crash when searching for themes is now fixed;
  • The problem with stickers download from the Google Play Store has been resolved.


To sum up, the update has the validity extended of the version to 20.06.2019. If you want to download the WhatsApp Plus Version 7.00 check online for more updates. Also, you can create your sticker by downloading the Sticker Plus Maker.

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