How To Download YouTube Videos On PC and Android

YouTube is an excellent platform, offering millions of videos which can be seen for free. In some cases, you may want to download YouTube videos for offline viewing. Users will be able to save valuable energy and data bandwidth since the videos will be accessible without an active internet connection.

Below you can find a selection of tutorials. Follow the steps, and you will have your favorite content at your fingertips in just a few minutes.

A word of advice

The use of third-party apps to download YouTube videos is deemed to be a violation of YouTube’s terms of service, as it is clearly stated that the only way to view the content is to stream it on your device by using the website or the official site.

While some creators allow users to download their content without problems, others will try to limit the practice, and you will need the express permission of the copyright owner to download it. It is advised to use a reliable VPN service to avoid any potential issues.

Download YouTube videos on PC

There are a few methods to download YouTube videos on PC, and below, you’ll find two of the most reliable ones.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is one of the most reliable ways to download YouTube videos. The program is available for free, and users have the option to download regular videos, playlists and other types of content.

After the program is installed, you can start the process by pasting the URL of your desired content. Select your desired resolution and format and click on the download content.

YouTube Premium

Users who have a YouTube Premium subscription have the option to download videos. Open your favorite video and look for the download button which should be placed below the player. Choose a quality setting tap/click on the download button.

How to Download Videos on Android

You can download videos on Android devices by using third-party apps. If you own an Android device, you can choose from several third-party apps which can download videos from online streaming services. Apps such as Vidmate and SnapTube are available for free as APK files, but it is important to download them from a reliable source.

Also, to avoid copyright issues, you can download YouTube videos on Android, as well as on iOS, if you’re a member of the before-mentioned YouTube Premium.

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